“The bigger risk, however, is still that promising technologies won’t get the early funding they need to develop into successful businesses.”

This quote by Sivaram Varun, a senior research scholar at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy, appeared recently in a great by…

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In the last month I’ve been asked twice in a community setting to describe my vision of the world in the next 10 years to 20 years. More specifically, I was asked to imagine my role in helping avert the climate crisis, to describe my vision for the future, and…

Together For ClimateTech — Lessons I’m bringing with me

I am honored to announce that I have stepped into thenew ClimateTech program that launches and funds ClimateTech innovators globally who are solving challenges for the Climate Crisis and environmental justice. To my new team…

Written by Jacqueline Ros Amable

The future is already here- they just haven’t scaled yet, but they will. Our global supply chain systems, although brilliant and revolutionary for their time, have demonstrated their weaknesses- harm to the planet, hidden costs, lack of transparency, human rights violations, lack of resilience against disaster, etc. But nothing has…

Jacqueline Ros Amable

Soy nieta de las brujas que no pudiste quemar

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